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Revamp your home and kitchen with one of a kind handmade custom cabinets. Here at Elias Custom Cabinets our experience with custom cabinet design, fabrication, and installation makes us one of the leading providers in Burbank. We’ve provided custom cabinets to many upscale commercial and residential properties in Burbank, and the greater Los Angeles area. At Elias Custom Cabinets our work spans the spectrum from hand made custom kitchen cabinets, hardwood countertops, bathroom cabinets, and more. Our clients have dreams of a perfect home renovation, and our job is to turn that their dreams into a real, elegant living space.

Your cabinetry sets the overall mood for your remodeling project and can set the tone for the overall style. Remodeling a property is a milestone event, so getting your cabinets to fit into your overall vision is a significant factor in the remodels success. At Elias Custom Cabinets we pride ourselves in furnishing space saving and elegant cabinet in Burbank It does not matter if you need full overlay doors, raised panel door style, cherry wood cabinets, we can help you select the myriad of different of options to help you design then build the right cabinets for you. We pay attention to all the options and minute details, so your cabinet can be durable, beautiful, and personalized to you.

Call Elias Custom Cabinets today to get a free estimate on the cabinetry for your home remodel. Get started today with one of our custom cabinetry craftsmen to begin your journey to a brand new living space.

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  • Made to Order Drawers
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Information about Our Services

Custom Cabinets in Burbank

Give your home and kitchen a fresh new look with brand new custom cabinets. From kitchen cabinets, hardwood countertops, bath cabinets, to floating shelves. Many of our clients love creating a matching theme for the furniture throughout their home, reach out to one of our carpentry specialists to get the planning process started. At Elias Custom Cabinets we pride ourselves on customer service, and we strive to turn your vision into a beautiful new living space.

The Whole Process

A. Start the Planning and Provide and Initial Estimate

The first step is speaking to an expert craftsmen at Elias Custom Cabinets about exactly what you want from your custom cabinetry. If possible, the best starting point is getting a rough sketch of your space or a copy of your architectural layout. During this initial discussion, we start developing the first estimate. This will begin the planning phase, and we can assist you with making the final decisions on what you want.

B. Crafting the Design

The next step is to produce the design, which is done by working closely with you to make sure we have an exact understanding of your goals. We communicate with you by phone and email, and will also need to visit the site to take final measurements. At this time we can confirm the final plans, nail down an approximate end date for the project, and we will know the materials we need. We also give you a more realistic cost estimate.

C. Exact Drawings and Down Payment

At this point Elias Custom Cabinets gives you a precise payment schedule, based on the finalized designs. The payment process is designed phase-wise and inculcates the step design, fabrication, and installation.

Once you have approved the final plans and submit the initial deposit, the work begins! We will provide drawings the specify the measurements and necessary materials. One of the primary reasons we have chosen this process is due to the challenges that arise from adjustments once the cabinet building has started. As soon as we receive your final approval the fabrication phase will initiate.

D. Building the Cabinets and On-Site Installation

This is where all the pieces fall together. We will fabricate all the custom cabinetry and bespoke furniture here at our facilities. When your custom cabinets are completed, we bring them to your home and begin installation phase. The last invoice will be sent only after the completion of the installation, and the entire process typically takes from 4 to 8 weeks. The turnaround time depends on the scope of the project, which includes materials, design time, and labor.

Handcrafted Custom Media Centers

In addition to custom cabinets, one the more popular pieces of furniture we build at Elias Custom Cabinets is custom media centers, otherwise known as entertainment centers. Sure custom media centers can hold typical media devices like your TV and audio system, but it also an opportunity to add cabinets and additional shelves to creatively increase storage space. Because your television is a central piece in your day to day living, many of our customers have found that this is a great opportunity to improve the aesthetic of their living space and get a custom-built entertainment center.

Most mass produced media centers are manufactured out of particle board, and definitely do not have specific compartments to store your specific equipment. At Elias Custom Cabinets we exclusively use the highest quality lumber to build your custom entertainment center, and your entertainment center will look great today for years to come. Having an endless mess of cables in the middle of your family room can be distracting, so we can specifically build compartments and wiring access holes to conceal them.

Colors, Finishes, and Stains

Once you have figured out the layout of your space, and chosen the style of cabinet, you can add another touch by choosing a finish for you wood. Cabinet finishes can make significant changes to the color of your wood or have a subtle effect on the aesthetic depending on the type of finish, and how much you used.

Waterborne finishes are non-toxic to the environment, help protect your wood surface, and is flexible how it changes the color of your wood. These finishes dry quickly so it will reduce production time and looks like stained or painted wood. If you are an ecofriendly person, waterborne finishes might be the right choice for you.

Glazed finishes can be applied over stained or painted cabinets. Glazes can add a glossy shine to the surface of your wood, and adds additional protection from scratches and moisture damage. Painting your cabinets will simply change the color of the wood, covering any of the grain patterns. A popular trend with modern cabinets is to paint the wood white. There are a lot of choices out there, and the experienced staff at Elias Custom Cabinets are here to assist you, so give us a call now.

Renovate Your Kitchen With Custom Kitchen Cabinets

If you are the type of person that is frequently in your kitchen, than having an elegant and orderly space to cook and hang out could greatly improve your quality of life. For years Elias Custom Cabinets has been serving the Burbankcommunity, helping our clients optimize their storage space, and adding a beautiful custom cabinets in their kitchens.

We pride ourselves in combining design, vision, and functionality with the finest materials. Our attention to detail and timely delivery has resulted in countless satisfied clients, who now have one-of-a-kind cabinets in their homes. Elias Custom Cabinets is here to walk you through the endless personalization available, from the wood selection, wood finish, hardware, door styles, wood selection, finish, and more.

Over the years kitchen cabinet styles have been continuing to expand. It is a good idea to borrow inspiration from the timeless styles to the modern trends, to find a style that’ll fit what you’re looking for, and will still look great in the future.

Spruce Up Your Kitchen With a Custom Hardwood Countertop

Countertops are the main feature of any kitchen. They are used for chopping, cooking, cleaning, storing utensils, and even become your dining table for the busy person on the move! Because countertops are always in use, getting a custom hardwood countertop is a great option for adding an upgrading the look of your kitchen, and also tough enough to withstand the daily usage by your household.

Choosing the right hard wood for a new custom countertop is crucial, as some materials are strong enough to survive daily usage. AtElias Custom Cabinets we only offer the finest hardwood countertops, that will have an amazing look, yet will have the strength to withstand years of usage. You can select from a range of different woods like Douglas firs, grey elm, mahogany as some examples. Don’t be confused about the myriad of options, call Elias Custom Cabinets today and we he can help you select the options that make sense for your kitchen!

Cabinet Door Styles

A major part of the look of a cabinet is the type of door style, so choosing the right door is important if you are going for a certain look. There are two factors you need to consider when choosing a cabinet door, the cabinet door style and the orientation of the door. Each will have a large impact on the character of your cabinet.

How Your Cabinet Door is Attached to The Frame

Inset doors have the cabinet doors sitting on the inside of the cabinet frame. Like the full overlay door, the inset door creates a streamlined look on the face of the cabinets.

Full-overlay cabinet doors fully cover the cabinet frame, and this forms a smooth continuous appearance. The smooth transition from one cabinet to the next is a popular look in the modern style.

Similar to the full overlay cabinet, the partial overlay sits atop of the cabinet frame, but leaves around 2 inches of frame uncovered.

The Various Styles of Cabinet Doors

Mullion frame doors have horizonal and vertical bars that divide the front into sections. The mullions hold panes of glass like a window frame.

Cabinets with raised panel doors have a central panel that is above the recessed border around it. Raised panel doors are a very popular and can be seen on classic to current day cabinets.

The slab cabinet door, or flat-panel door, is simply a single slab of lumber and is totally flat.

Open frame doors have a glass front similar to the mullion frame doors, but lack the bars that create panes.

The recessed panel door makes it look like the center panel is depressed into the cabinet, give it a sleek streamlined feel. This style is used a lot in modern trends and offers a lot of flexibility when it comes to design options.

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